Links: Installing Kali Linux
Sept. 6, 2023

Note: USB Drives with VirtualBox, VMware and UTM images are available, please ask for them to speed up download/setup time.

If you are using the download or the USB, you will need to install 7zip found here to extract the VM image.

For all images:

Username: Kali

Password: Kali

VirtualBox: (Windows 10/11)

  1. Just download the latest VirtualBox and install it. Then ask for USB Drive or download this (slow).

UTM: (macOS)


  1. Recommended for seamless integration with windows 11 - IT Coord :)
  2. A bit more difficult & requires some general experience

VMware: (Windows 10/11, macOS)

  1. Need to sign up for personal use license here - VMware Fusion (Free for macOS)
  2. VMware Workstation here.( Windows 10/11)